Subscription options

New Member

A new subscription costs €25.

Graded Member

The subscription fee for an graded individual, one who previously passed the RoSPA Test, is €25.

This fee also applies to a graded individual who graded in another juristiction. Their RoSPA number will be required.


A subscription renewal fee of €25 applies.

What do I get for my subscription?

A subscription to RoSPA IART lasts for the current calendar year (January to December) and comprises:

  • Your Group (RoSPA IART) subscription fee for the current year
  • The observed rides that prepare you for the RoSPA Advanced Rider Test

Once you have passed your Test, you become a full Member of RoSPA IART. You will then need to pay an annual subscription to RoSPA UK (the parent organisation) to remain a member. The subscription to RoSPA (UK) will cover your 3 year re-test fee. You will also need to pay an annual subscription to RoSPA IART, detailed above, if you wish to remain a member of our local Group (and we do hope that you will!)

How does the Advanced rider course work?

When you subscribe, you become an Associate member of the Group. In due course you will be allocated a tutor based on your location and the availability of a tutor in your area. Tutors are volunteers who give their time to help you reach the Roadcraft standard of riding. Your allocated tutor will contact you and arrange the initial ride at an agreed location, to establish your current standard of riding. Advice for improving your riding will be given, and you will be expected to practice before you meet your tutor for further rides.

How long will it take for me to be allocated to an tutor?

This will depend on your location and tutor availability. We may be able to allocate you a tutor more quickly if you can travel a bit further afield to meet your tutor (this could also be a good practice opportunity!) and can be flexible about days and times.

We allocate on a first-come first-served basis, as best we can. If we do have to put you on a waiting list, we will keep in touch by email, and may be able to offer an initial assessment ride so that you can take some feedback and start working on new techniques while you wait. You should not have to wait more than three months, but in most cases the time will be shorter than this.

We are, of course, governed by any COVID guidelines that may be in place.

What training and qualifications do tutors have?

Although tutors are unpaid volunteers, they have all undertaken tutor training and are certified by IART and RoSPA as a Group Tutor.

What is expected of me as an Associate?

RoSPA IART expect that you will:

  • Take responsibility for maintaining your motorcycle in a roadworthy condition, with up to date road tax and insurance.
  • Let your tutor know as soon as possible if you cannot keep an appointment, even if it is only a few minutes notice
  • Take on board the feedback from your tutor
  • Make time to practice the techniques you have learned during your observed rides on all sorts of roads and in different conditions. Try to find different routes to those you would normally ride.
  • Be comfortable with riding on all sorts of roads and for periods of over one hour while you practise for the Test
  • Abide by the Group Rules. A copy of the complete rules and guidelines are available from the IART website. The rules specifically applying to Associates are:
    • Associates agree to attempt to pass the RoSPA Test within twelve months of joining the Group. This period may be extended, at the Group Committee’s discretion, and subject to the Associate paying their RoSPA renewal fee and a Group renewal fee.
    • Let us know what happens when you take your Test

What happens on my first observed ride, and what will I need to bring with me?

Once you have been allocated to a Group Tutor and they have contacted you, you will arrange to meet at an agreed time and location.

Your tutor will explain the coaching process, before directing you on a ride. This will be a varied route, usually less than an hour. After this, they will give you some feedback, and may then take you on a demonstration ride over the same route, to explain the processes and systems they are looking to pass on to you. At the end of the session, the tutor will give you some recommendations on what to practise, and agree with you on arrangements for your next ride.

How many observed runs will it take to become ready for the Test?

There is no set number of observed runs for an Associate to become Test ready; it depends partly on your own experience, but mainly on how much you can practise, and how quickly you can learn from your tutor. Most people can achieve Test standard after 6-8 observed runs (typically a fortnight apart), so you could be Test ready in 3-4 months.

What does the Test involve?

The Advanced riding Test is carried out by an Examiner allocated by RoSPA (UK) and is a contract between you and RoSPA (UK). The Group will complete the Test application on your behalf when you and your tutor agree that you are ready.  The allocated RoSPA Examiner will contact you arrange to meet you for your Test.

The following notes are for general guidance, and may not necessarily reflect exactly what happens on your Test. Exceptional riding skill is NOT required to pass the Test, but safe, smooth, systematic and legal riding is.

The Advanced riding Test consists of a ride of up to one hour in duration, over all types of road from country lanes, town streets and residential areas to dual carriageways, including possibly a motorway, so your practice runs will cover all of these. You must be comfortable with riding on all types of road, and be able to keep up your concentration for over one hour of riding. The Examiner will do his/her best to put you at ease, and will start with the premise that they expect you to pass the Test.

The Examiner will expect your motorcycle to be in roadworthy condition. A clean motorcycle gives a good initial impression. Your riding gear must be of a good standard and you should wear hi-vis. He/she may ask you to sign a Documents Declaration to confirm that you have a valid riding Licence, current ,motorcycle insurance, and may ask you to read a car registration plate at a distance of 20 metres to confirm your eyesight meets the required standard.


What happens after I take my Test?

After you have taken your Test, please do let your tutor know the result as soon as possible. We expect it will be the good news that you have passed, in which case you will become a full Member of the Group.  RoSPA will send your certificate directly to your home address.

There are numerous opportunities for further development post-Test – you can train to become an tutor yourself, which allows you to give something back to the Group while maintaining your own Advanced riding skills.  

Who should I contact if I have problems during my training?

In the first instance, talk to your tutor. If you have a problem with your tutor, then please do contact either the Group Tutor Coordinator or the Chief Instructor for advice. You may also contact any member of the committee for advice. Contact details are available here.