Monthly Ride Outs

Ride Outs are organised for the second Sunday of each month. You can get further details on the Monthly Ride Outs here.

As some of the Ride Outs can be demanding, a new member is required to complete an assessment ride with their assigned tutor in advance of joining for a Sunday run.

Please bear in mind that you are responsible for your safety when joining any event organised by the group.

Your bike must be properly maintained, you must be in a fit state to ride. Always ride within your limits!

Read more on Safety & Responsiblity here.

Training Events

We organise special sessions and presentation on the System of Motorcycle Control. Sessions cover topics such as

  • The System of Motorcycle Control
  • Observation Skills
  • Reading the Road
  • Bike Control
  • Cornering
  • Positioning & Signals
  • Over taking
  • Motorway Riding

Topics are presented by one of our Gold Certified riders who share their insights and experience during the sessions.