Series: John Mcdonad Roadcraft »

This is a series of 32 videos produced by John Mcdonald during COVID lockdown in 2020. John runs a driving and motorcycle training business in Scotland; John's YouTube Channel

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John Mcdonad Roadcraft

Series: A selection from Ryan F9 (FortNine) »

Ryan's youtube channel has in excess of 1M subscribers where he provides a comprehensive collection of videos on a variety of motorcycling topics.

A selection from Ryan F9 (FortNine)

Series: Shiny Side Up »

This series of videos from is displayed here with kind permission.

The 3D Know The Dangers social media campaign is designed to highlight the most common causes of collisions for motorcyclists.

The Shiny Side Up Partnership has been flourishing since 2002! Founded and based in the East Midlands (United Kingdom), the Shiny Side Up Partnership comprises a group of dedicated professionals from road safety, collision investigation and police traffic management teams. You can read more at

Shiny Side Up

Series: An Garda Síochána / RSA »

Useful videos posted by An Garda Síochána and the RSA

An Garda Síochána / RSA

Series: Never too good »

A series of four videos where motorcycle racer Chas Davies and commedian Alan Davies learn some roadcraft.

Chaz Davies is a world champion motorcycle racer. But, amazingly, he only passed his road test this summer (2014). Along with Alan Davies, comedian and bike racing nut, he's going back to school to do a further training course.

Never too good

Series: Miscellaneous »

  • RotR Quiz
  • Cornering
  • Applying the System - Part 1
  • Applying the System - Part 2
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