John Mcdonad Roadcraft

This is a series of 32 videos produced by John Mcdonald during COVID lockdown in 2020. John runs a driving and motorcycle training business in Scotland; John's YouTube Channel

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(PS-1) Cornering Hints & T(PS Overview - 1

(PS-2) Cornering Hints & T(PS Overview - 2

(PS-3) Cornering Techniques - 1

(PS-4) Cornering Techniques - 2

(PS-5) 7 Steps to Motorcycle RoadCraft

(PS-6) 7 Steps To Good Motorcycle Roadcraft explained

(PS-7) Information Phase Explained

(PS-8) Position Phase

(PS-9) Speed Phase

(PS-10) Gear / Acceleration Phase

(PS-11) Body Position Motorcycle Cornering Technique

(PS-12) Steering / Lean Angle / Tyre Grip Trade Off

(PS-13) Throttle Control / Gears / Clutch / Brakes

(PS-14) The Limit Point / Vanashing Point

(PS-15) Series Bend Linking / Recap Motorcycle Roadcraft

(PS-16) Scanning for Hazards & Gathering Information

(PS-17) Limit Point / Vanashing Point / Cornering

(PS-18) Road Signs / Markings & Surface / Camber

(PS-19) Theory De-brief - Putting it all together

(PS-20) Man made / Natural Features - Signs & Markings

(PS-21) Gathering Information from Man Made & Natural Features

(PS-22) Reading Road Surfaces & Using Limit/Vanishing Point

(PS-23) Road Surface & Limit/Vanishing Point

(PS-24) View from Behind